How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

by | Aug 8, 2022

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

by | Aug 8, 2022

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“How much will it cost to have my baby via surrogacy?”

This question is difficult to answer because every surrogacy experience is unique to the individuals involved.

Attaching an accurate price tag to a journey before it begins would simply be impossible. However, before you step onto the path to surrogacy, it is important to understand the expenses you are certain to incur. Additionally, there are some costs that are merely possible along the way.

Since surrogacy isn’t a flat fee service, the best way to budget for your surrogacy journey is to consider the cost categories. There are many categories of expenses that intended parents (IPs) must consider when estimating the cost of having their baby through surrogacy.

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Surrogacy Cost Categories

1. Embryo Creation & Clinic Costs

Clinics charge a fee for embryo creation. This is, often, the first large expense that IP’s encounter and these costs vary based on whether or not the IPs are using their own gametes (reproductive cells.) In the event that a donor is required, the expenses you incur will be higher.

The average cost for embryo creation in the United States ranges from $15k to $30k. This cost may not include the IVF medications for the surrogate, or any of their required medical screening/monitoring appointments. However, embryo creation and IVF may be covered under your health insurance! Additionally, some clinics offer “all-inclusive” packages that could make budgeting for your baby a bit easier.

2. Agency Fees

If you choose to use an agency, consider the services they offer, including rematching. Agency fees vary but they usually average between $20k and $50k (USD). If you’re on the fence about using an agency, here are some things to consider.

Family Choice Surrogacy offers several program options to meet the needs of IPs and surrogates throughout the surrogacy experience.

3. Gestational Carrier Fees

Gestational Carrier/Surrogate fees are typically the bulk of the cost when having a baby via surrogacy. IPs can expect to provide their surrogate with a base compensation as well as other payments due to them throughout the journey. Some of these include a monthly allowance, and reimbursement for maternity clothing. Moreover, there are some expenses that, though not expected, must be considered, just in case an unlikely complication occurs. These instances include, C-section, miscarriage, invasive procedures, and lost wages.

Gestational Carrier Fees are typically the bulk of the cost when having a baby via surrogacy. Silhouette of pregnant surrogate with dollar bills raining down. Each bill is labelled with a GC fee: Base Compensation, Monthly Allowance, Clothing Reimbursement, Complications, Miscarriage, Invasive procedures, C-section, Lost wages. FCS logo

4. Insurance Costs

Intended parents should expect to contribute to the health insurance costs of their surrogate. Sometimes, the gestational carrier’s current health and medical insurance will provide coverage for a surrogate pregnancy. In this case, IPs will not be expected to cover the premiums but will be responsible for any out-of-pocket costs, including; copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

In the case that a surrogate does not have health insurance or that her insurance will not cover a surrogate pregnancy, the IPs will need to purchase a policy to cover the pregnancy, therefore, requiring them to cover the aformentioned expenses and the premiums for the policy as well.

What’s more, IPs should also expect to purchase a life insurance policy for the gestational carrier, complications insurance, and a secondary health insurance policy.

5. Legal Fees

The legal side of surrogacy may seem too complicated to address but it is a pertinent part of the process and worth the expense. IPs and surrogates rely on their attorneys  to draft and review legal agreements, establish parentage, and assist with estate planning. Each of these will come along with a legal fee.

6. Other Paid Professionals

IPs will, undoubtedly, pay to consult with other types of professionals along their journey. some of these include a mental health consultation for the surrogate, as well as escrow management services.

7. Travel Expenses

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IPs will be expected to cover travel expenses for themselves and their surrogate whenever they travel to the clinic for medical screenings, transfer, and for the birth of their baby.

Need more details? 

The new FCS Budget Tool is easily customizable based on your unique circumstances. Read the description to discover estimates for each expense.

Other Resources

There’s no doubt about it. Surrogacy is expensive. Financial assistance is available.

Click here to learn more ways you can control costs.

Before you step onto the path to surrogacy, it is important to understand the expenses you are certain to incur. Additionally, there are some costs that are merely possible along the way. As you consider the cost categories and estimate the expense,


No matter the total, your growing family is priceless.

Sincerely, Family Choice Surrogacy