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Introducing Foundations of Surrogacy, a comprehensive education certification for all Family Choice surrogates. Family Choice has created a proprietary training program that all surrogates will be required to complete. Completing this training indicates their dedication toward fully assuming the role of surrogate. It verifies to Intended Parents that they are a committed potential surrogate educated in the Family Choice Surrogacy process, prepared to effectively partner with them on the surrogacy journey.


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Foundations of Surrogacy consists of nine modules, along with quizzes to verify comprehension. Upon successful completion of all modules and quizzes, the surrogate candidate will be officially certified as a Family Choice Surrogate.

Foundations of Surrogacy Modules include in-depth education on the following topics:

  • Gestational Carrier Screening Process
  • Gestational Carrier and Intended Parent Matching
  • Escrow
  • Medical Screening
  • Legal
  • Medications and Cycle Planning
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Pregnancy
  • Delivery and Postpartum

Intended Parents can rest easy knowing their surrogate is educated in and committed to the surrogacy process.

Surrogates, start your journey now.

Educated.Ethical. Trustworthy

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