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Should I Use a Surrogacy Agency?

You are taking the first steps into your surrogacy journey and are wondering whether you should find a surrogacy agency or face the venture independently. Join us as we discuss the benefits of using an agency, why an agency might not be the right fit, and other options worth considering.

Pros & Cons of Using a Surrogacy Agency: Pros: Support & Guidance, Surrogate Screenings, Surrogate Education, Access to Providers, Coordination from "beginning to baby," Conflict Resolution, Budgeting & Billing assistance. Cons: Additional cost to IPs, Concern of reduced intimacy, risk of choosing a bad agency. Other Options: FCS Independent Surrogate Screening, FCS Surrogacy journey Management. Woman considering options on two note papers, FCS Logo

Surrogacy Agency Pros & Cons

 You can navigate the winding path of surrogacy more easily with the help of a surrogacy agency. The benefits of using an agency include: 



  • Support and guidance is hugely beneficial for gestational carriers (GCs/surrogates) and intended parents (ICs) alike.                
  • Also, screening of GCs to fully qualify them, should be of interest to all parties, ensuring they meet the medical, lifestyle, and emotional guidelines.
  • Additionally, surrogacy education ensures all GCs understand and are committed to the surrogate process.  This gives IP’s peace of mind that the surrogate knows what to expect and will not back out. 
  • Moreover, access to and coordination with knowledgeable providers like attorneys, mental health professionals, insurance advisors, and escrow professionals is an immeasurable benefit, since these individuals play a necessary role in the surrogacy journey. 



  • Coordination of the entire surrogacy process from “beginning to baby” means never feeling alone on the surrogacy path.


  • Furthermore, recruitment of qualified GCs ensures high caliber candidates to present to intended parents based on their preferences.
  • Expert matching guarantees that GC and IP’s preferences and important topics are seriously considered.
  • Assistance with conflict resolution, if a disagreement arises, promises both parties’ needs & expectations are met during the journey as well.

There are numerous advantages to using a surrogacy agency. However, you don’t HAVE to use one.

Some people choose to travel down the path alone. A few reasons for this include:



  • The intended parents are not comfortable committing to the additional cost of using an agency.
  • Also, some parties worry that using an agency might reduce the intimacy they can have with each other during the journey. 
  • Lastly, choosing a bad agency can make the surrogacy journey more difficult.

Other Options

Sometimes, intended parents decide they do not want to work with an agency. In this case, they often find they are spending an extraordinary amount of time and finances screening suitable candidates. The individual they are considering could be a family friend or relative, an acquaintance, or someone they met through a matching group. Regardless, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure she is a suitable candidate who will be approved by their IVF clinic. Consequently, intended parents often find a hybrid approach helpful to supplement their independent journey. This assistance is paramount when screening a surrogate becomes too exhausting, confusing, or time consuming.  

I've already chosen a surrogate. Now what? FCS Independent Surrogate Screening OR Surrogacy Journey Management, listed benefits of each, couple wondering "now what?" FCS logo

Family Choice Surrogacy (FCS) has two programs that are a good fit for IPs and GCs who want to move forward independently, but also see the need for professional assistance.

Independent Surrogate Screening 

Firstly, FCS offers Independent Surrogate Screening. This is a program for IPs who have matched with a potential surrogate, outside of an agency. This option guarantees the vital first steps in the surrogacy process are completed. Including, ensuring that the surrogate is qualified to continue the process, prior to spending unnecessary time and money. 

FCS Independent Surrogate Screening includes:

  • Retrieval of medical records
  • Review of medical records
  • Criminal background check
  • Health insurance review (if applicable)
  • Psychological evaluation
  • MFM records review and virtual consultation with surrogate
  • Medical Screening information (ready to be sent to the clinic)
  • Statement letter about the surrogate candidate findings

Once complete, FCS provides a detailed guide to help all parties navigate the rest of the process. As a result, the GC and her IPs can be assured she has met the qualifications as a surrogate, meaning they are clear to navigate the rest of the journey independently. 

Surrogacy Journey Management 

Secondly, FCS offers a Surrogacy Journey Management program. Journey Management is a good fit for IPs who have matched with a potential surrogate outside of an agency, but would like more support and guidance. Notably, this program includes the Independent Surrogate Screening program, as well as full agency support and benefits. In fact, these are provided at a reduced cost to the IPs who choose this program.

FCS will manage the journey from “beginning to baby” by providing:


  • Expert Matching Guidance and Terms for both parties
  • Surrogate Candidate Certification
  • Surrogate Travel Coordination
  • Coordination of outside monitoring for surrogate
  • Journey support
  • Coordination of legal parentage process
  • Escrow monitoring and cost analysis during pregnancy
  • Coordination with the delivery hospital

Although using a professional and experienced surrogacy agency will provide the most support over the entirety of your surrogacy experience, it may not be the right fit for everyone. Regardless, Family Choice Surrogacy provides programs that are helpful for even the most independent surrogacy team.

No matter which path you choose, we wish you all the joy along your journey.

Sincerely, Family Choice Surrogacy