The Surrogate Process

Family Choice wants to be sure each step in the process is clearly understood. The process to become a surrogate may seem complex and even overwhelming, but with our guidance and education program, you can be confident you are prepared.

Family Choice will provide guidance and facilitate every step of your journey, including:

Qualification and Matching

Your surrogacy journey begins with the qualification process that includes assessments on your qualifications, including medical and mental health review, criminal background checks and your health insurance review. You will also complete our matching preferences documentation to assist finding your right match with our rigorous matching process.

Upon successful screening process, Family Choice will facilitate matching with intended parent(s) by scheduling a conference call. If the Surrogate and Intended Parent(s) believe they are a good fit, they will then meet (in person or via Skype) to determine whether they would like to begin their journey together.

Medical Screening

Once matched, the surrogate will travel to the Intended Parents’ fertility clinic for medical screening. The clinic will perform an ultrasound, take bloodwork, and perform a physical. This is to ensure the surrogate is healthy and her body is ready and able to become pregnant. The clinic will also require labs from the surrogate’s partner or spouse.

Legal Contract

FCS will work with Intended Parent(s) to fund an escrow account, and then the parties will begin the legal contract phase with an attorney specializing in reproductive law. The contract governs all aspects of the surrogacy journey and covers a multitude of topics, from the number of embryo transfers to payments and reimbursements, to confidentiality (and much more). Family Choice will assist with attorney referrals and facilitate this process for Intended Parents and the Surrogate.

Embryo Transfer

After the contract has been signed by both parties, the Surrogate moves forward with medical preparation for the embryo transfer. This typically involves medications to regulate your cycle, a mock transfer cycle, and the embryo(s) transfer. Family Choice will be there every step of the way, and will be happy to answer questions, accompany the Surrogate and/or Intended Parents to appointments, and provide general guidance to the parties.

Establishment of Parentage

If the transfer is successful and the parties achieve pregnancy, it is important for the Intended Parents to properly establish their legal parentage in the state where the child will be born. Family Choice will facilitate this process with the Intended Parent’s legal counsel to establish prior to the child(ren) being born.

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