surrogacy costs

Intended Parents looking to surrogacy as a family building option are sometimes discouraged by the costs involved.  While surrogacy is very expensive, there are some things you can do to control and/or reduce your costs in your surrogacy journey.

Evaluate Insurance Options – The medical costs of pregnancy and caring for the newborn can be astronomical.  It is important for intended parents on a budget to ensure their carrier has health insurance (whether already in place or purchased by the intended parents) and that her health insurance policy does not have a surrogacy exclusion.  If the carrier’s insurance covers the pregnancy, this can dramatically reduce out of pocket expenses for the intended parents.  Further, it can help them budget future costs by getting a financial picture of the deductible, co-pays, and co-insurance.

Further, it may be tempting to some intended parents to self-pay for the carrier and the newborn’s medical expenses.  While in some cases, this can be financially beneficial, it can also be very risky from a financial perspective.  If there are any medical complications during the pregnancy, delivery or with the newborn, these costs can add up quickly and the intended parents will be responsible for these bills.  The average NICU costs $3,000 per day.

Choose SET – Single embryo transfers dramatically reduces the risk of a multiples pregnancy.  A multiples pregnancy comes with higher medical risks which can mean much higher costs.

Evaluate medication options – The cost of medications in IVF represent 20-30% of the total expense of treatment.  Talk to your clinic about pharmacy options.  There are pharmacies that specialize in reproductive medicine and may be a more affordable option.

Grants and LoansUse this page to search for available grants and scholarships to help fund your surrogacy journey.  In addition, there are many loan options.


Growing your family through surrogacy adds up to an expensive journey- the outcome is priceless.  Contact Family Choice Surrogacy to learn more about building your family through surrogacy.