The Matching Process

Sometimes when making something so precious, beautiful, and unique, it takes an extra helping heart.

Family Choice utilizes a proprietary matching system, called Perfect Choice, that allows us to expertly pair our intended parents and surrogates according to the expectations and criteria of each party. We believe a rigorous and thorough matching process will mitigate potential issues in the journey and allow for a better partnership.

Both Intended Parents and the Surrogate fill out a questionnaire detailing their expectations, motivations, and criteria. Our staff will also arrange a comprehensive consultation to ensure we understand your detailed matching preferences.  The Surrogate undergoes an extensive qualification process, starting with an intensive phone interview with our staff, followed by criminal background checks, medical records review, and a psychological evaluation. Family Choice then provides qualified surrogate profiles to Intended Parents and uses its experience and expertise to facilitate the matching process. If the parties believe they are an ideal fit, Family Choice will arrange a virtual meeting to discuss the important factors of your match. 

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