roseanne surrogacyA couple of weeks ago, we posted about the revival of Roseanne and how surrogacy was inaccurately portrayed in terms of the surrogate’s motivation and deceptive representation of her age.  In the situation on the show, Becky had planned to be a traditional surrogate – offering her egg and to carry the baby for another couple.

In this week’s episode, “Eggs Over, Not Easy”, Becky’s surrogacy journey was quickly put to an end.

After meeting with Intended Mother’s fertility doctor, Becky was informed that her eggs appeared much older than her age of 33, and that moving forward with surrogacy was not recommended.  In fact, he cautioned that Becky would only have a 5% chance of ever becoming pregnant.

Two points in Roseanne’s favor. First, illustrating that Becky couldn’t lie her way past science, indicating the surrogacy selection and qualification process is well governed and controlled. Second, emphasizing Becky’s reaction to learning she very likely would never be able to conceive a child.

To the first point, surrogacy qualification is based on known science.  There have been many studies to indicate that a woman’s egg quality and quantity decline in their 30s and 40s, becoming more dramatic after the age of 35. In fact, most clinics will only accept egg donors up to the age of 31 years old.

More importantly, the show’s sensitivity toward infertility was encouraging. Becky was shocked, angry and saddened after learning this news. If you’ve faced infertility, you understand the emotional impact that it has.  It is a feeling of hopelessness and sadness that is so overwhelming and life-changing.  There were some heart-wrenching and emotional scenes in the episode as Becky dealt with her infertility news.

We’re glad the surrogacy storyline is over.  And we would love to see more media (sensitively) address the impact infertility has on people’s lives.