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Exciting news is on the horizon for future intended parents and surrogates, particularly in the state of Michigan! The recent passing of the Michigan Family Protection Act has sparked significant interest and discussion within the surrogacy community. Today, we’re delving into what this act entails and its implications for both aspiring parents and women considering becoming surrogates.

What is the Michigan Family Protection Act?

The Michigan Family Protection Act is a groundbreaking piece of legislation designed to provide legal clarity and protections for families built through assisted reproductive technologies, including surrogacy. Governor Whitmer is planning to sign the act into law, it aims to modernize Michigan’s legal framework surrounding surrogacy, addressing various aspects of parental rights, surrogate compensation, and the establishment of legal parentage.

Key Implications for Parents

For parents who choose to build their families through surrogacy, the Michigan Family Protection Act offers several significant benefits:

Legal Recognition: The act ensures that intended parents are recognized as the legal parents of the child born through surrogacy from the moment of birth, streamlining the legal process and providing peace of mind.

Parental Rights: Intended parents can establish their parental rights without the need for complex legal procedures, safeguarding their relationship with their child from the outset.

Protection of Parental Intent: The act reinforces the importance of parental intent, ensuring that the intentions of the parties involved in the surrogacy arrangement are respected and upheld by law.

Surrogacy Agreements: Clear guidelines are provided for the creation and enforcement of surrogacy agreements, offering a structured framework for parties to outline their rights, responsibilities, and expectations.


 Implications for Surrogates

The Michigan Family Protection Act also offers important protections and considerations for women who choose to become surrogates:

Compensation: Surrogates can receive reasonable compensation for their time, effort, and commitment to the surrogacy process, ensuring fair treatment and acknowledgment of their invaluable contribution.

Legal Protections: Surrogates are afforded legal protections under the act, including the right to legal representation and the assurance that their rights and interests are respected throughout the surrogacy journey.

Informed Consent: Surrogates are required to provide informed consent before entering into a surrogacy arrangement, ensuring that they fully understand the process, risks, and responsibilities involved.

At Family Choice, we are committed to supporting families and individuals embarking on the path of surrogacy, and we welcome the positive changes brought about by the Michigan Family Protection Act.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how the Michigan Family Protection Act may impact your surrogacy journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to support you every step of the way.