How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Before you step onto the path to surrogacy, it is important to understand the expenses you are certain to incur. Additionally, there are some costs that are merely possible along the way. Since surrogacy isn’t a flat-fee procedure, the best way to budget for your surrogacy journey is to look at the cost categories. These include…

How are Surrogates Compensated?

“How much are you being paid for this?” As a 2x surrogate, this is the one question that would infuriate me the most when asked by strangers, friends, or family. Even typing that out now, makes me cringe.  When I would hear that question it made me feel like my...

How to Become a Surrogate – The Screening Process Explained

From an outside perspective, it may seem that the process of becoming a surrogate is pretty straightforward. It usually starts with a woman who enjoys pregnancy and has the desire to help another family, connecting with an individual or a couple who wants to have a...

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