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Surrogacy Fees and Costs

Agency Fees $17,000
  First installment due upon signing agency agreement 3,000.00
  Second installment due upon matching 10,000.00
  Third installment due upon embryo transfer 4,000.00
International Fee (for couples who reside out of the US – paid upon matching) TBD – based on services needed
Escrow Management Fee (paid to third-party escrow company) 1,500.00
Gestational Surrogate Screening costs due upon matching 2,000.00
Includes mental health evaluation, medical records review, criminal background check and insurance review
Gestational Surrogate Expenses (estimated)
Base compensation 32,000-40,000
Embryo Transfer Fee 500.00
Incidentals (transportation, travel, accommodations prior to pregnancy) TBD
Maternity Clothing for single +250 for multiples 500.00
Surrogate Monthly Incidental: $200-$400/month – Received monthly beginning at legal agreement execution, includes mileage of less than 100 miles (round trip), childcare for local doctor appointments, co-pays, prenatal vitamins. $2,200-$4,800
Housekeeping: $80 per week if Physician ordered bed rest is required or if in GSA TBD
Life Insurance Premium: $250,000 term life insurance policy for the Surrogate in the event of an accidental death $300
Health Insurance for Surrogate: Should the Surrogate’s existing insurance policy include a surrogacy exclusion or if she does not have a health insurance policy, the Intended Parents must cover the cost of an individual insurance policy. The insurance must remain in place until 3 months post delivery. The Intended Parent(s) are responsible for paying all deductibles, co-pays, and/or other uncovered/misc expenses. Such insurance will begin once the Surrogate is released from the fertility center and meeting with the obstetrician. TBD
Multiple Fee: $3000 per child TBD
No-work order/lost wages: Physician ordered only TBD
Cesarean Section: $3000
Intended Parent Legal Representation (preparation of GSA) 2,400.00 (approx.)
Surrogate Legal Representation (preparation of GSA) 1,500.00 (approx.)
Parentage Paperwork (Birth Order) 3,300.00 (approx.)
Fertility Center $15,000-$30,000

It is impossible to list all scenarios and costs.  Once you have been matched and your Gestational Surrogacy Agreement has been signed.  FCS will provide the Intended Parents with an Expense Sheet which will list estimated costs for your journey.

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