The Pros and Cons of Surrogacy

If you are considering giving the gift of parenthood to another couple or individual, there are many emotional and physical aspects to consider.  Becoming a gestational surrogate is a selfless gift that can be incredibly rewarding.   It is important that surrogates educate themselves on all aspects of the surrogacy process.   We list some of the most common pros and cons of surrogacy for gestational carriers.

The most common benefits of surrogacy for gestational surrogates are:

  • Surrogacy can be a fulfilling experience.  Often times, women become surrogates to enable parenthood for another family.  A surrogate can have a deep sense of pride that they were able to provide this gift to someone else.
  • Surrogacy creates a new community.  Because surrogacy is such a unique experience for a woman, “Surro-sisters” band together and often create lifelong bonds to each other.
  • Surrogacy allows you to financially contribute to your family.  FCS believes that each woman should determine what compensation they are comfortable with receiving, and, along with our guidance, this empowers the surrogate to help her family achieve their financial goals.
  • Surrogacy allows a woman to experience pregnancy again.  There are many women who love being pregnant.  Becoming a gestational surrogate gives a woman the chance to enjoy a pregnancy without adding to their own family.
  • A surrogate is legally protected.  A surrogate receives her own legal representation to enter into contracts in which protects her financially and also ensures she will have no responsibility for the child(ren) after birth.

The most common challenges of surrogacy for gestational surrogates:

  • Surrogacy can be physically demanding.  Not only facing the physical challenges of being pregnant, but the surrogate must also undergo extensive medical screening and IVF procedures.
  • Surrogacy requires a significant time commitment.  Before the 9 month pregnancy, there are screening procedures, legal procedures, and medical procedures.  The entire process typically takes a year or more.
  • Surrogacy can be emotionally demanding.  Pregnancy can be emotional, but when adding additional factors into the process, a surrogate can feel a wide range of emotions at any given time.  FCS offers counseling services to our surrogates and can help guide you every step of the way.


Becoming a gestation surrogate can be one of the most beautiful and life-changing experiences a woman can experience.  Contact us today to learn more about giving the ultimate gift of family.