intended parents how to begin a surrogacy journey

When it comes to starting the surrogacy journey, intended parents often have questions about when is the best time to start and how to begin. The answer depends on individual circumstances, but there are some general guidelines that can help in the decision-making process.

It’s important for intended parents to have realistic expectations and be prepared for the process. Some things to consider include: having a good understanding of the laws in their area, working with an experienced surrogacy agency to find a qualified surrogate, and navigating any financial and emotional hurdles that accompany this journey.

Intended parents should also consider their own timeline. If they are already undergoing fertility treatments, they may find it helpful to find a surrogate as soon as possible. If they are coming from a place of infertility, they should take the time to discuss the option of surrogacy with their Reproductive Endocrinologist and to make sure that all parties are comfortable with their decisions before beginning their search for a prospective surrogate.

In either case, intended parents should start by researching and finding out what legal steps are necessary for their surrogacy journey. They should also find a reputable surrogacy agency to guide them through the entire process, including helping find a qualified potential surrogate.

Importantly, intended parents should also be prepared for the costs and financial considerations.  There are many resources to determine your surrogacy budget.  Check out our handy Surrogacy Expense Calculator to better know what to expect. Resolve (The National Infertility Association) also has a list of financing programs and services.

Most intended parents start their journey by finding a fertility clinic and creating embryos before embarking on the search for a surrogate.  However, some intended parents decide to simultaneously create their embryos while working with an agency to begin the process of finding a surrogate.  Unfortunately, the wait to match with a qualified surrogate can be lengthy. 

Ultimately, there is no set timeline for when it’s best to start looking for a surrogate. However, by understanding the process, having realistic expectations, and working with experienced professionals, intended parents can find the best time to begin their surrogacy journey.  With a little planning and preparation, finding a qualified surrogate that is the right fit for them can be made much easier. It’s never too soon to start working toward your family-building goals.  When you are ready to begin your surrogacy journey, Family Choice Surrogacy can help you find the perfect surrogate for your family.  We will guide you through the surrogacy matching process and help you start working toward your dream of parenthood.  Best of luck on your journey!