We are so excited to introduce our new web series with author and former Intended Mother, Sandhya Graves. Sanhya’s book When It’s Not As Simple as the Birds and the Bees, is a memoir of her journey through infertility and surrogacy.  Sandhya M. Graves lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband Tyler and their three children, Wyatt, Nolan and Lily. Trained in journalism and public relations, Graves began writing this book to make sense of the complex emotions and difficult steps involved in what she once thought was as simple as “the birds and the bees.” She quickly learned that falling in love, getting married and having babies was not going to be as easy as it first seemed. This memoir served three main purposes for her: it helped her work through her grief after suffering many miscarriages, allowed her to let others know that they are not alone in their struggles to conceive children, and enabled her to help friends and family understand the emotions and grief that she and her husband were dealing with after each miscarriage. During the therapeutic process of writing about her (constant disappointments) struggle to grow her family, Graves’ motivation soon shifted to that of an advocate and supporter of all couples struggling to realize the dream of having children. Despite all their struggles, Sandhya and Ty’s love grew stronger, their faith deepened and their blessings multiplied.

Sandhya has teamed with Family Choice Surrogacy to share her journey and to provide support to others who are also struggling with infertility.  It is our goal to provide relevant content, start a dialogue and end the stigma associated with infertility.  Please send your questions to contact@familychoicesurrogacy.com and we will address them in next month’s series. We hope you enjoy our stories!