Building a Strong Surrogate Support System

by | Feb 7, 2023

pregnant surrogate standing in front of a sign that says "Building a strong surrogate support system" with tools and a hard hat in front of her and the silhouettes of many happy people behind her.

Surrogacy is an incredible and rewarding experience.

However, it is also a physically and emotionally demanding journey.

It is crucial for any person navigating this path to have a strong surrogate support system. 

Here are some reasons why no one should step into surrogacy alone:


You need a surrogate support system because surrogates face emotional challenges.

Surrogates Face Emotional Challenges:

Emotional challenges may arise during the pregnancy. Due to the sensitive nature of carrying a child for someone else, the surrogate support system should be available to her for the entirety of the journey. Oftentimes, this emotional support comes via a spouse, partner, close family members, and friends.

You need a surrogate support system because surrogacy is physically demanding.

Surrogacy is Physically Demanding: 

Surrogacy is a physically demanding process. Pregnancy, alone, takes a physical toll but surrogacy adds another layer to the demands as a surrogate faces screenings, appointments, interviews, and medications. She will also be asked to avoid any activities that could endanger the pregnancy and may need help with childcare, chores, and everyday tasks. 

You need a surrogate support system because surrogacy is a complex process.

Surrogacy is a Complex Process: 

The complexity of surrogacy can be confusing. A surrogate will need someone reliable in their support system to help them understand the process. It would be wise to connect with a professional and experienced agency as well as a mentor who has experienced the surrogacy process first hand.

You need a surrogate support system because surrogacy laws and regulations are complicated

Surrogacy Laws & Regulations are Complicated

Surrogacy can be a legal minefield, and surrogates will need someone in their support system to help them uncomplicate the laws and regulations as well as to help them navigate any legal challenges that may arise. Finding someone who can explain surrogacy laws and provide her with advice along the journey, will be invaluable. 

What does a surrogate support system look like?

What does a surrogate support system

look like?

A surrogate’s support system should be made up of a reliable network of family members, friends, surrogacy organizations, support groups, and even mental health professionals. 

Surrogates should seek out a support system that best meets their needs and provides them with the emotional, physical, informational, financial, and legal support they require to successfully complete the surrogacy journey.

How can Family Choice Surrogacy help?

FCS knows that it is vital for surrogates to have a strong surrogate support system in place to help navigate the physical and emotional challenges of surrogacy. Therefore, when a potential surrogate chooses to team up with Family Choice, she gets access to our tools, resources, and personal support. Some of these include agency support and guidance, a surrogate mentorship program, a private support page, and meet-up opportunities.

Seeking out a reliable surrogate support system will provide a surrogate with the necessary resources to experience a successful and fulfilling surrogacy journey.

Sincerely, Family Choice Surrogacy