gifts for intended parentsOur gestational carriers are inspired to give the ultimate gift – the gift of family.  But during this season of giving, a surrogate may also be inspired to purchase a gift for her intended parent(s).  We have your perfect gift-giving guide for the intended (expectant) parents in your life (with links included!). As we’ve noted, it is not expected for a surrogate to give her intended parent(s) any gifts.  Prior to gifting take the time to consider where you are in your relationship with the Intended Parent(s).  If it is in the beginning steps, then perhaps hold off until it is more appropriate.  If your relationship has grown closer, then it might feel completely natural to want to give your Intended Parent(s) a holiday present this year.

  • A thoughtfully written Christmas card or letter.  Sometimes the best gift you can offer is one from the heart.  Spend some quality time writing a heartfelt message.  It will really go a long way to show that you care.
  • Soundwave Keychain – A personalized keychain that shows the soundwave of the baby’s heartbeat and a QR code so the parents can listen to it at any time.
  • “State” Of Love Personalized  Wood Ornament a fun way to send love from your home state.
  • A Heartbeat Bear – this adorable bear has a Heart-shaped recorder that preserves ultrasound heartbeats or voice messages.
  • A Framed Ultrasound Picture – preserve the memory of seeing the baby for the first time.
  • A Sentimental Picture capturing the journey – this picture celebrates the connection and love found in surrogacy.
  • Anything for the new baby – Babies need essentials, between diapers, bottles, lotions, blankets, and more, there are plenty of items that new parents need to take care of their new bundle of joy.
  • Matching Family Pajamas – It is common for families of newborns to stay inside for the first few weeks.  How adorable would it be to cozy up in matching family pajamas?
  • Commemorative Jewelry – There are many different, beautiful ways to commemorate the new family with jewelry!
  • A special gift that will benefit both Surrogate and Intended Parents would be a maternity photo session.  This photoshoot would capture the baby bump and the joining of two families that are bringing this new life into the world.  A keepsake that all can enjoy for a lifetime.

It cannot be reiterated enough that the most precious gift a surrogate will ever give to her Intended Parent(s) is the gift of family. This is truly the gift of a lifetime. Happy Holidays!