gifts for surrogate

As they say, this is the season of giving!  It is that wonderful time of the year when the pressure to find the perfect gift can really become daunting for some.  We all know there are two types of gift givers in this world. There is the one person who must be one of Santa’s special elves.  They always can find the most personal and thoughtful gifts.  On the other hand, we also know that one person who will always bring a pair of socks or a can of nuts to the gift exchange party.  No matter where you find yourself on the gift giving scale, Family Choice Surrogacy is here to help!

Before we get started, please note that it is not expected for an Intended Parent to purchase a gift for their Surrogate.  Prior to gifting take the time to consider where you are in your relationship with the Surrogate.  If it is in the beginning steps, then perhaps hold off until it is more appropriate.  If your relationship has grown closer, then it might feel completely natural to want to give her a holiday present this year.



  • A thoughtfully written Christmas card.  Sometimes the best gift you can offer is one from the heart.  Spend some quality time writing a heartfelt message to her.  It will really go a long way to show her that you care.
  • If you live close to the surrogate, offer to watch her children for a few hours for free!  A few hours could allow her to take a much-needed nap, finish shopping for Christmas, get a manicure, or have a date with her spouse.


  • A bag of Tummy Drops if she is still in the first trimester and needing some relief.  Show her that you are thinking of her and trying to help!
  • Every woman fears the thought of stretch marks.  Give her a great shea butter to use as your baby grows over the next 9 months.
  • Drinking water is very important while expecting.  How about treating her to a new water bottle!  This water bottle style will allow her to infuse fresh fruit flavors to make it more appetizing.
  • Order her lunch that is delivered right to her house or job!  Think about what cravings she has mentioned and try to get all of her favorites!


  • Cute maternity pajamas will really help her to snuggle up and relax on a cold winter night.
  • Order her lunch or dinner that is delivered right to her house or job!  Think about what cravings she has mentioned and try to get all of her favorites!
  • While pregnancy is beautiful, it can also come with lots of aches and pains.  Help the surrogate in your life by gifting her a maternity belt.  This little contraption will help to distribute the weight of baby bump and relieve the pressure off of her lower back and pelvis.


  • As the pregnancy enters the second and third trimester it will become even more difficult for the surrogate to comfortably fall asleep.  That is where a great pregnancy pillow comes in!  While they are very large and take up the majority of the bed, these full body pillows hug and support the expecting surrogate, allowing her to get that much-needed rest.
  • Spa day!  If you call around to local spas you will find that most have a prenatal package.  It is extremely important to disclose to the spa that the client is expecting.  They will take special precautions with the types of massages and products that will be used during her treatments.
  • A special gift that will benefit both Surrogate and Intended Parents would be a maternity photo session.  This photo shoot would capture the baby bump and the joining of two families that are bringing this new life into the world.  A keepsake that all can enjoy for a lifetime.

No matter if you decide to gift big or small, the kindness of your gesture will always be remembered.  It is always the thought behind the gift that matters the most.